Mission Statement

The Vocationist Sisters at Little Friends Nursery School are committed to excellence in early childhood education. By providing a program dedicated to the appropriate growth and development of young children within an outstanding and compassionate learning environment, we are helping children to build an excellent and enduring foundation for future academic, social and spiritual development.

We are dedicated to presenting an encompassing curriculum which addresses the many dimensions of young children and fosters social interaction, intellectual stimulation, spiritual awareness, physical development, and emotional growth.

An essential component of our mission at Little Friends Nursery School is to provide a safe, nurturing and loving environment in which to optimize each child’s growth and potential to expand at his or her individual pace. It is our mission to inspire the children with a love of learning, and provide them with the foundations for literacy.

A love of self and others is an integral part of life-long learning and long-term success, and to fulfill this mission, we encourage the development of well-rounded individuals who represent themselves and others, and who welcome and appreciate diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

Because children look to us as models for their self-image, we include, as part of our school mission, our own striving for excellence by honoring, maintaining and enhancing our own knowledge, skills and many human dimensions.